The Studio

Located in Carcassonne, the workshop, like this page, is a work in progess.
I called it 'Pòt, with an apostrophe because of 'Pataphysics, and with an accent because of Occitan. I could have called it 'Chocolatine but that would have muddied the waters.


At the 'Pòt studio, you can find everything you need to get by: yellow pottery wheel and kiln, a wedging table made by the best carpenter in the Landes, heaps of plastic buckets closed with lids to make the mud and / or glazes decant, a vacuum cleaner that looks like a Dalek or R2D2, and a patchwork floor that might remind you of the most beautiful outfits of 1992. The workshop overlooks a schoolyard that can be spied on quietly, in the hope of someday exchanging information for candy.

There is currently no plaque in front of the workshop because the yard is under construction, but it will come soon. It is however possible to come and collect pieces set aside online.

As for me, I am Raphaëlle Daguier, I am trying a lot of new things and it's only the beginning. I believe that my pottery is not a pile of consumable guizmos, but sustainable objects, which welcome living things, plants, dishes rimmed with bubbles in the oven, or sometimes desserts, around which we meet - or in any case that's what would make me happy.